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What is a CROS hearing aid?

Date: 2014-06-17

Over the last couple of months, 3 people have come into my office with long term unilateral hearing losses (hearing loss only on one side or much greater on one side than the other).  One of them had never worn a hearing aid, the other 2 had worn hearing aids only on their better ear.  In each case a CROS hearing aid system was recommended. 


A CROS hearing aid system is when you use a hearing aid on the good ear and only a microphone on the very bad ear.  The sound from the microphone on the bad ear is broadcast to the hearing aid on the good ear so that the person hears sounds from both sides of their head.  This allows a person to hear much better and to be more connected with the world around them. 


In all three cases the people loved the hearing aid fitting and are doing much better communicating with the world around them.